About Us & Our Vision

Mission: The Mobile Theatre Guild provides a diverse artistic outlet connecting people with their creativity by training them in producing quality live theater.

Vision: Mobile Theatre Guild's vision is of acommunity whose perspective of self and others is broadenedthrough the arts education provided by diverse, quality theater.

The Guild is run by a Board of Directors elected every June at the Annual Meeting of the Membership.

  • 2018-2019 Board of Directors

  • President · Sherrick Sandy
  • Vice President · David Doolittle
  • VP Production · Susan Vinson
  • Production Co-Chair · Madeleine Mayrose
  • Secretary · Daniel Mainwaring
  • Treasurer · Jim Larrision
  • Moderator · Monsignor James Kee
  • Marketing & Publicity · Bill & Dana Campbell
  • Box Office · Kyle Meyer
  • Membership · Michael Birmingham
  • At Large:
  • Melissa Hall · Corey Setser · Jo Ann Olivera · Alicia Vinson · Bridget Chapman

    • Q: Where is The Guild?
    • A: We are on N. Lafayette across from the CYO Hall at McGill-Toolen High School.

    • Q: How does parking work at The Guild?
    • A: There is plenty of gated parking right next to the theatre.

    • Q: How can tickets be purchased?
    • A: Tickets may be purchased online or at the door ONLY.

    • Q: How do I receive my Season Pass?
    • A: You will be issued a code which you can use in the coupon field as payment either online or at the box office.

    • Q: Do we need reservations?
    • A: There are NO reservations. We have an OPEN SEATING policy.

    • Q: Do season members have perks?
    • A: Yes. Besides the discounted price. Seats are reserved for ALL shows for members.

    • Q: What age is considered for the senior rate ticket?
    • A: Senior rates start with patrons 65 years or older. Also, Student, Teacher, and Military rates require valid and current ID.

    • Q: When does the box office open?
    • A: The Box Office opens 1 hour before every show (6:30pm Friday, 6:30pm Saturday, and 1pm Sunday).

    • Q: Why was the show times changed to 7:30pm from 8pm?
    • A: Overwhelming patron request prompted the change.

    • Q: Is there handicap access?
    • A: Yes. We have handicap parking, entrance, exit, seating area, and bathroom.

    • Q: How do I volunteer?
    • A: Send us an email to mtg.volunteers@gmail.com

    • Q: Is The Guild on Facebook?
    • A: Yes. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Shutterfly.

      If you have any questions please send them to mtg.volunteers@gmail.com. Thank you!